Forex Systems: In Forex Trading, Charts Are A Visual Representation Of Price. By Price, We Mean The Exchange Rate.

Fundamental Analysis: As You Can See, Each Country Has Their Own News, Specific To Them. Some Of These Are Not Really Important, Others Are.

Here at Forex Ebook, we would like to provide you with a clear, no nonsense guide to trading Forex. Whether you are new to FX trading or have some experience, our guide can help you along your journey. For more advanced traders, if you feel you can contribute to our guide, please do let us know.

Technical Analysis: There Are A Number Of Technical Analysis Tools Available To Traders At Their Disposal. Such As Trendlines, Pivots, And Fibonacci, To Name Just A Few.

Forex Platforms: Different Internet Brokers Have Different Software (or Platforms) That Allow You To Buy And Sell Currencies (24 Hours A Day, 5 Days A Week), But The Most Popular Platform Is Called Metatrader 4, (often Shortened To MT4), For Microsoft Windows. MT4 Is Easy To Use, Powerful, And Absolutely Free

Forex Brokers: In the past, before the internet age, Forex trading was limited to the big boys, such as the banks. Now however, with the arrival of the internet, retail forex brokers have opened their doors for anyone. So now, individuals, companies, other firms & institutions can easily buy and sell currencies in less than a fraction of a second, with the use of a computer and an internet connection, via a forex broker…


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